Steve, the Balladeer
I am so privileged to work with the team of John Deaver and Gabe Lopez. (More about Gabe in a moment.) John has been the vocal coach of the brilliantly talented singer, Sara Bareilles! His vocal and instrument production, designing harmony lines and instrumental lines, on my three CDs here is key to their artistic success. Outstanding work John! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
As with John Deaver, I am so happy to work with a talent like Gabe Lopez! His ear for exactly what a song needs---an instrumental line, a harmonic relation, a rhythmic arrangement---and his musical genius and patience in putting it all together with John as a team, is just remarkable. I can only say: Outstanding work, Gabe! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! On Twitter @GabeLopezSongs

My blessings never cease! Working with Candice Lanier on this website has been such a joy! She has such talent! such wonderful ideas! and such competence to do the job right! Thank you, Candice, so very much for the wonderful job that you continue to do to make this website a success! On Twitter @CandiceLanier
I am so blessed that @DJBoots on Twitter was kind enough to play a few of my songs, especially the song "I Want to Love You for a 1000 Years," on her internet radio show on many occasions. As a result, that song and Steve, the Balladeer became just a bit of a celebrity for a short while. I want to thank @DJBoots from the bottom of my heart for the kindness she has shown me. She is truly a dear! God bless you, @DJBoots! @FlyingPatriot!
I began to listen to Dennis Prager's radio show back in 1994/5 and have listened to him virtually on a daily basis ever since. When I write him an email or call his show, I identify myself as, "Steve, your biggest limo-driver fan." His moral clarity is remarkable and I deeply appreciate what he has done to seek the blessing of our nation. My song, "On the Liberty Bell," could not have been written without his inspiration. On Twitter @DennisPrager; thank you, Dennis! You are wonderful!
AlfonZo Rachel is the creator of ZONATION on PJTV. He is immensely creative, talented, and seemingly has boundless energy to produce on his own website or on PJTV yet another video on which he sings, or plays an instrument, or both! Meanwhile, he raps and instructs our nation on the foundational principles that make America great! May Our Lord bless this wonderful man in his endeavors! He is @AlfonZoRachel on Twitter.
"The Tribble Nation" Strikes! @MichaelBeck on Twitter is one of the leaders of "the Tribbles" who follow the Hugh Hewitt radio show and use the hashtag #hhrs on Twitter. Michael is a wonderful blogger on various conservative topics; furthermore, on one occasion, he posted a song of mine on his blog as a video that HE CREATED! It was so very popular and remained on his blog for quite a while, just through popularity! God bless you, Michael!! Good man!

Allenah enjoyed my music right from the start! And she was kind enough ask if she could publish a review of my music. Of course I was pleased to oblige. You can follow Allenah @FreedomsBlsings on Twitter.
Andrea is a wonderful photographer! She did the work for my second and third CDs "Ballads in Praise of the Muse" and "I Sing for America." She is full of great ideas and a joy to work with! She is not on Twitter, but she is on FaceBook through her main website.

The voice of the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show, #hhrs on Twitter, Hugh is so talented that I cannot begin to describe him, @HughHewitt on Twitter. So I will just say this: There is No Doubt that he is, bar none, the best interviewer on radio and television among any of the talking heads who would want to try to interview any public personality on any given topic of public interest! Enough said. Hugh, I cannot thank you enough for the insights you've given me everyday of listening to your show. May God always bless you and yours.
As brilliant as Hugh Hewitt is, he would be lost without his producer, Duane Patterson, aka @RadioBlogger on Twitter (even though Hugh always jokes "If I only had a producer"). I am grateful to Duane for the time(s) he has played my music on HIS OWN SHOW: It is called Duane FM, and is part of "the HUGHNIVERSE," which is Hugh Hewitt's premium content website.
I want to thank Howard Ganz and his team of experts at Imperial Media in Santa Monica, California for their superb work in creating my second and third CD hard copies: "Ballads in Praise of the Muse" and "I Sing for America!" Howard was very patient when I didn't understand the "ins and outs" of the process involved, and he did excellent artwork for both CDs! Thank you, so much, Howard! Excellent job and God bless you and Jacqui and your team!